L. Paul Verhage

Paul's Articles

The Robot Emoticon

April 2014, Page 68

Give your robot a happy face — or whatever look you’d like — with LED arrays.

HoverBot: You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Loose Wheel!
November 2010, Page 46

This time, we wrap up our HoverBot project with an explanation of the drive electronics.

“Roll” With the HoverBot

September 2010, Page 59

Wheels? We don’t need no stinking wheels with this unique bot that’s lighter than air.

The CheapBot Smart Proximity Detector
February 2010, Page 32

This proximity detector incorporates a PIXAXE-08M so that it takes care of detecting obstacles and leaves the driving to the robot controller.

A Robot and Its CheapBot-08 Controller - Part 2
December 2009, Page 58

Now that you have the cutest small robot ever created, it's time to find out about its line follower, proximity detector, and some future designs.

A Robot And Its CheapBot-08 Controller - Part 1
November 2009, Page 48

I'd like to do some experiments with swarms of small robots acting together to accomplish a task. This requires a small microcontroller. See how i utilized a PICAXE-08M and built the cutest robot i've ever created.

The CheapBot-14 Robot Controller
June 2009, Page 42

Add this controller to your robot base of choice for an efficent and cheap learning enviornment.