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From the Editor of the Combat Zone

From my first involvement in this sport, just at the end of the BattleBots™ run on Comedy Central, through the gradual decline of “big bot” events into a persistent few, the explosive growth of “small bot” events, and now, into “The Second Age of Television,” it’s been quite a ride.

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These Robots Come to the Rescue after a Disaster

When disaster strikes, who's first on the scene? More and more, it’s a robot. In her lab, Robin Murphy builds robots that fly, tunnel, swim and crawl through disaster scenes, helping firefighters and rescue workers save more lives safely — and help communities return to normal up to three years faster.


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It’s ParkerBot!

It’s ParkerBot! was featured in the article "Animatronics for the Do-It-Yourselfer" by Steve Koci found in the September 2015 issue. Here is a video demo of ParkerBot sneaking around the neighborhood, getting ready to scare some kids! 

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Getting from A to B

If you want to learn robotics principles, a good way of getting from A to B — that is, to pick up robotics skills related to quadcopters — is to build your own. Or, at least perform a post-mortem teardown of any downed quadcopters. Teardowns are a great way to discover what works and what doesn’t, and what techniques are worth borrowing.

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